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Do your products contain sugar?

Our products contain absolutely no added sugar! All sugars found in our products are derived from the oats, which they occur in naturally.

Do you use stevia in your products?

We do not use stevia in most of our products but we do use stevia plant extract in our Chai Concentrate and Mocha to subtly sweeten and bring balance to them. Stevia is a calorie-free, plant-based sweetener from natural sources which has been used in South America to flavor drinks for more than 200 years!

Do the Minor Figures products contain lactose, gluten or dairy?

All our products are 100% plant-based, meaning they’re dairy-free, naturally lactose-free, and free from all animal protein.

We follow very strict requirements to eliminate any contamination, but our products are not certified gluten-free at this time. We recognize the importance of having gluten-free products, and are actively working to make this a reality. We look forward to sharing a GF-certified option in the future.

Why do you use sunflower oil in your Oat M*lk?

We add small amounts of sunflower oil to our Oat M*lk, this is to help create that smooth texture and mouthfeel. The oil we use is GMO-free.

Are your oats GMO (genetically modified)-free?

Hell yeah!

Sustainability & Ethics

What are your commitments to sustainability?

Our efforts to minimize and improve our impact on the environment has been a core principle of Minor Figures since the start.  

Protecting the planet: after extensive carbon auditing, we are now Carbon Neutral, backdated to 2018 (see below for more info), and are very close to becoming B-Corp Certified, which means we uphold the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Plant-based: All of our products are vegan and we are committed to upholding the values of plant-based living throughout the company. We offer our staff a free vegan lunch each day (which we cook and eat together each afternoon) and, while we of course don’t expect our staff to be vegan unless they want to be (a lot of us want to be), we will not expense any non-vegan food on work trips. We are trying to encourage the switch to plant-based on a mainstream scale with initiatives such as Freedays, which offers customers at select cafes free Oat M*lk coffees all day, Dairy Disloyalty, and Veganuary campaigns. 

Political Environmentalism: Though we also don’t force politics on anyone, we do encourage healthy discourse, peaceful protests, and other progressive forms of discussion. We offer our staff paid time away from the office to engage in activism – be that for environmental, animal, or social justice.

Is Minor Figures Carbon Neutral?

YES! We’ve now gone entirely Carbon Neutral, back dated to 2018, by ‘offsetting’ the amount of carbon we emit as a company. Offsetting our carbon emissions is basically like repaying our carbon debt to the planet. We do this by conducting a circular assessment of the impact we make as a whole and calculating the amount of carbon we need to offset to have a neutral impact on the planet. We then invest in projects which absorb or reduce the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere. To accomplish this, we joined forces with Climate Partner to help support two carbon offset programs in Vietnam and Peru. You can find out more about these offsets and our move to carbon neutrality here.

How do you continue to grow ethically as a company?

We are constantly improving and searching for new, innovative solutions to problems facing our industry. We conduct regular evaluation of our packaging and delivery operations and consistently review our sourcing practices for our coffee and other ingredients - we strive to be as transparent about these as possible. We’re currently developing a new, more sustainable way of disposing of our used oats which would up-cycle the used grain into a protein source for humans. We firmly believe that our moral responsibility as a company shouldn’t be seen as a list of boxes to tick, but an ongoing, evolving process.

Is Minor Figures an independent brand?

Minor Figures is an independently owned start up. We formed as a company by crowd-funding, and have since grown by partnering with carefully chosen investors, all of whom have a minority share in the company. Our founders, Stu, Jonathan, and Will, control the direction of Minor Figures and everything that we do. The investors are a mix of friends, family, and strategic partners, all of whom help us to scale and reach as many of you as possible.

Is your packaging 100% recyclable?

All of our cans and cardboard packaging are fully recyclable. Our cartons are currently made using Tetra Pak, which is recyclable in some places but not everywhere, so we advise checking your local authority’s guidelines on this one. We’re looking for a more universally recyclable alternative for our cartons. 

We are also in the process of eliminating all single-use plastic from our shipping packaging, using recyclable alternatives wherever possible. We are always looking for the most sustainable solutions across all aspects of our business and will continue to update you all as we evolve and adapt!


What do you do with your oat residue?

Oat residue is the insoluble fiber that is left as a byproduct of producing our Oat M*lk. At the moment, the spent oats used to produce Minor Figures Oat M*lk is donated to livestock feed, reducing the land used for the upkeep of livestock (feed for livestock puts a huge strain on the environment - almost half of all grains and soybeans are grown specifically for the purpose of feeding to livestock. It also means that we can avoid the evil to end all evils, chucking them in landfills (or worse, burning them). While it’s one of the most sustainable options out there currently, rest assured that we are working on an alternative solution to up-cycle the used grain into a protein source for humans, which would remove any and all ties to animal product industries altogether. It’s a huge undertaking, but we look forward to updating you all soon!

Is your coffee certified Fairtrade?

No, but it’s fairer than Fairtrade. That sounds like hot air, but it’s not - basically, Fairtrade is unable to account for the specialty coffee model, which pays a premium for quality. We work with a specialty trade model that guarantees a living (not just minimum) wage for coffee farmers.

It's a pretty complex issue, but it's a separate system to Fairtrade. Although there is no certification process, and it's highly subjective, it does encourage farmers and roasters to consider longer-term relationships based on continuous improvement, community support, sustainability, and ultimately – quality. The more degrees of separation that exists along the production line between the bean and your cup, the harder it is to ensure farmers and producers are paid a fair price. 

We’re partnered with Raw Material, who source green coffee directly with farms all over the world and guarantee a fixed, premium margin for their coffee, regardless of the constantly fluctuating market price.

Barista Brews

What is cold brew?

Cold brewing is how we make our ready-to-drink Barista Brews. It’s a way of extracting coffee using cold water. This process is much slower than brewing hot, and because of that, you will find flavors that are much more gentle, naturally sweeter, and less bitter.

How much caffeine is in your Barista Brew cans?

Our Latte contains 166mg per serving, Mocha, 162mg per serving, Matcha contains 42mg per serving, and Chai Latte contains the least amount of caffeine, at 18mg per serving.

Why do you package your single-serving Barista Brews in cans?

We choose to package our drinks in cans as they are 100% recyclable. While cans are by no means the most eco-friendly product in the world, they’re currently the best option available to us in terms of reducing our carbon emissions. Often the process of bottling leads to unnecessary carbon emissions. This investment in packaging is very important to us and is helping us further build on our sustainable vision and we are always looking for more sustainable alternatives to our processes across our entire production lines.



Where can I find Minor Figures products?

Minor Figures products are sold in many regional natural specialty retailers in CA, OR, WA, NY, NJ, TX, and our Organic Oat M*lk will soon be hitting the shelves at Whole Foods in the Mid Atlantic region. You can always find us online at Amazon and on our website.

How can I stock Minor Figures products for my shop / café?

If you are a shop, café, or distributor wishing to stock any of our products please find the best person to get in touch via our stockists page here!

Do you offer wholesale discounts on large orders?

Yes. Please reach out to us at and we'll sort you out asap.

Shipping & Delivery

How much is shipping? Can I get free shipping?

We offer free standard shipping on all orders in the US for orders over $65. For orders of a lesser value, we will ship for it for a flat fee of $7.50. Easy.

Do you ship to Canada and Mexico?

We currently don't offer shipping to Canada and Mexico, but we're working on it!