Does your Barista Oat contain added sugar?

Nope! They are sweet thanks to the naturally-occurring sugars found in the oats.


Do Minor Figures products contain lactose, gluten, or dairy?


All our products are 100% plant-based, meaning they’re dairy-free, naturally lactose-free, and free from all animal protein.

We follow very strict requirements to eliminate any contamination, but our products are not certified gluten-free at this time. We recognize the importance of having gluten-free products, and are actively working to make this a reality. We look forward to sharing a GF-certified option in the future.



Is Barista Oat suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements?


Our Oats are GMO (genetically-modified)-free and our Barista Oat range is Halal. It is also safe to use for a low iodine diet and routinely tested for mycotoxins.



Why do you use sunflower oil in your Oat M*lk?

We add small amounts of sunflower oil to our Barista Oat range (with organic sunflower oil in Barista Oat Organic) to help create that smooth texture and mouthfeel.




Sustainability & Ethics



What are your commitments to sustainability?

In addition to being 100% plant-based, we’re carbon neutral and B Corp Certified. Want to see some sources?



Is Minor Figures an independent brand?

Minor Figures is an independently owned start up. We formed as a company by crowd-funding, and have since grown by partnering with carefully chosen investors, all of whom have a minority share in the company. Our founders control the direction of Minor Figures and everything that we do. The investors are a mix of friends, family, and strategic partners, all of whom help us to scale and reach as many of you as possible.



Is your packaging 100% recyclable?


Our cans and cardboard packaging are fully recyclable. Our cartons are currently made using Tetra Pak, which is recyclable in some places but not everywhere, so check your local authority’s guidelines on this one. 

We are also in the process of eliminating all single-use plastic from our shipping packaging, using recyclable alternatives wherever possible.



Where do you grow your oats?


Our oats are currently sourced from the UK and Northern Europe - due to the nature of farming cycles and fluctuating availability, we have to switch it up throughout the year. We’re constantly looking to improve our sourcing and minimize our carbon footprint for all our markets globally.



What do you do with your oat residue?


Oat residue is the insoluble fiber that is left as a byproduct of producing our Oat M*lk. At the moment, the spent oats used to produce Minor Figures Oat M*lk is donated to livestock feed, which avoids the need to chuck them in landfill and reduces the land used for the upkeep of livestock (feed for livestock puts a huge strain on the environment - almost half of all grains and soybeans are grown specifically for the purpose of feeding to livestock).




Barista Brews


How much caffeine is in your Barista Brews?


Latte: 166 mg per serving

Matcha: 42 mg per serving

Chai Latte: 18 mg per serving



Why do you package your single-serving Barista Brews in cans?


Cans are 100% recyclable, meaning they’re currently the best option available to us in terms of reducing our carbon emissions.







Where can I find Minor Figures products?


Minor Figures Oat M*lks are sold in many regional natural specialty retailers, including Whole Foods Markets, across the country. You can always find us online at Amazon and on our website, at independent groceries, and served behind the counter in local, specialty coffee shops all around the world.


How can I stock Minor Figures products for my shop / café?


Reach out here!


Do you offer wholesale discounts on large orders?


Yes! If you're a shop, café, or distributor looking to make your first order, please fill out our wholesale enquiries form and we'll sort you out ASAP!




Shipping & Delivery



How much is shipping? Can I get free shipping?


We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $65. For orders of a lesser value, we will ship it for a flat fee of $7.50.


Do you ship to Canada and Mexico?


We currently don't offer shipping to Canada and Mexico, but we're working on it! You can find Minor Figures in select retailers in Canada - reach out at with your location if you’d like more info on where to find us near you.