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Roaster Roster



Roaster Roster

Every month we'll be featuring a new, specialty coffee roast in each of our MF homes in the UK, US, and Australia. Switch up your morning routine and try a new coffee every month from an independent local roaster!

Roaster Roster was born during the first lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic as our way to support the independent, local roasters who were hit hardest. Trying new coffees is the perfect way of showing off what our Barista Oat range can do. Designed to complement the true and unique flavors of any specialty coffee, try out your fave Barista Oat with a different coffee every month and see how it showcases, brightens, and balances the cup.


Get 10% off Barista Oat with the featured roast in your region - offer lasts only as long as the stocks do, so act fast!

Check out who’s on the roster this month...

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