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High on Acids

High on Acids Collection

When we talk about acids, we don’t mean the dodgy stuff going around at Woodstock – though we are talking about taking your taste buds on a trip of their own. 

Minor Figures Oat M*lk is designed to showcase the true origin characteristics of great espresso by allowing the unique and natural acidity profiles in coffee to bloom, like a lucid rainbow shining through the clean and creamy clouds that we’re known for. 

Stimulate your soul with our acid inspired collection.

Is acidic coffee good?

It’s complicated. But when perfectly balanced, the many acids found naturally in coffee come together to create a complex and transformative cup. Dive a little deeper into the science on our blog.

Pour your own latte art

Fancy getting high on your own supply with a year’s worth of Oat M*lk? Take a trip to the high on acids microsite to create your own mind-altering, latte art masterpiece.
Is Coffee Acidic?
Pour your own latte art