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Mad Lab Coffee

Ethiopia Chelelektu - 12 oz - whole bean



Mad Lab Coffee was started in the winter of 2015 in a basement in Downtown Los Angeles. Created by Andrew (myself) & my wife Sarah Sinclair with a focus on quality and the neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Chelelektu washing station was built in 2010 and processes up to 950,000kg of ripe coffee cherries each year from its 363 contributing producers. Since 2014, the washing station has improved its infrastructure and processes coffee with fresh, clean water with a ph of 8.5. Coffees are dried on 134 raised beds in the sun across the washing stations almost 3 hectares of land. There are 12 fermentation tanks for soaking washed coffees, which then take around 18 days to dry.


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Mad Lab Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles

Mad Lab Coffee

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The Coffee

VARIETY: Kurume/Dega

PROCESS: Natural

ALTITUDE: 1800 meters

HARVEST: November-March

TASTING NOTES: Strawberry, Tamarind, Watermelon, Nerds Candy, Sharp

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The Farmers

Chelelektu farmers are small-scale growers who bring their ripe cherries to the Chelelektu washing station for processing. Farmers around Chelelektu have trees at elevations ranging from 1300-2200 meters above sea level, making it one of the most altitudinally diverse washing stations in Yirgacheffe.

The Roaster

Mad Lab has become one of the most recognizable roasters in Los Angeles and the International coffee community. With a focus on quality, seasonal, and relational driven coffees. While, buying responsibly from our farmers so they can grow more amazing coffees at a liveable price.

Mad Lab Coffee was invited to compete and showcased at Roasters Masters 2019 in New York City where they received the top scores for flavor and taste for their coffee. Their focus is a pursuit of sweetness and fruitiness. Coffee is a fruit, so your coffee should taste like fruit. That's their mindset anyways.

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