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KLLR Coffee - Colombia

Colombia, Caldas - 12 OZ - Wholebean

Light Roast. Single Origin.  Try it as Espresso or Pour Over.  

FLAVOR: Sugary Sweetness | Cranberry
VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
PROCESS: Washed 
ALTITUDE: 1650 Meters

La Cristalina is located in Vereda Bajo Espanol, in the municipality of Chinchina.  Each year, portions of the farm are replanted, always keeping in mind biodiversity and the environment. Coffee is washed and de-pulped at the ecological mill, where the pulp is placed in a compost treatment to be converted to organic fertilizer for the coffee trees.

Coffee cultivation complements a system of regulated shade with tree species, including walnut, red cedar, and guava, which create habitats for many species of birds.  Finca La Cristalina plants black cedar from its own nursery in the coffee fields.


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KLLR Coffee

KLLR Coffee

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The Coffee

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Caldas

FARM: Finca La Cristalina

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, Castillo



TASTING NOTES: Citrus, Spiced, Balanced

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The Farmers

Producer Luis Jose Valdes runs the three Valdes family farms—Parana, La Cristalina, and San Pablo—which are highly technified properties with admirable levels of production thanks to their combined total of 421,000 trees, 142,000 of which grow on Finca La Cristalina.

The Roaster

KLLR Coffee is a wholesale specialty-coffee roaster founded in Oklahoma City, OK with a simple mission: move coffee programs forward. With a streamlined approach and relationship-driven focus, our goal has always been to provide exceptional coffee while making life easy for our clients. Over time, another tagline has developed: better people, better coffee.

With a focus on creating real careers for our people and caring for them well, we’ve been able to cultivate a team brimming with passion and talent that you can truly taste in every bag. With a recent push into the Dallas, TX market, KLLR is pleased to grow throughout our region and make better coffee possible for more people

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