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Barista Brews Variety Pack


Welcome to the coffee shop

Spoiled for choice? 100% plant-based, our Barista Brews are made with our classic Barista Oat, the finest specialty coffee and hand-picked teas. Best enjoyed chilled right from the can or splashed over ice for a fancy finish.

What’s in the pack?

  • x3 Oat Chai Latte: Slow-brewed black tea and spices mixed with Barista Oat for a sweet n spicy classic. 
  • x3 Oat Matcha Latte: A wholesome balance of sweetness and natural earthiness made with ceremonial grade matcha for peak zen.
  • x3 Oat Mocha: Just like latte but with a dash of chocolatey sweetness thrown in.
  • x3 Oat Latte: Light and creamy, mixed with Barista Oat for a velvety mouthfeel.

Dairy-free with no added sugar or preservatives. Store in a cool dry place. After opening, keep in the fridge and drink within 3 days.

Minor Figures Hitoshi Black Coffee Cold Brew Billboard

Minor Figures Barista Brews

Suitable for Vegans Oat Milk No Refined Sugars
High Quality Specialty Coffee

We roast, grind and brew at our microbrewery for over 18 hours. And the result? A naturally sweet, super refreshing cold coffee.

Slow Brewed to Perfection

At our London microbrewery, we infuse high quality black tea with the finest spices. Our slow brew process captures the purity and depth of every ingredient.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Ceremonial Grade marks the highest quality of matcha, grown under shade, meticulously picked and stone-ground for a delicate and pure flavor.


Can you drink them hot or cold?

We recommend enjoying your brews chilled or splashed over ice for the best taste. If you’re not a fan of super cold temperatures, you can enjoy room-temp or even heated up (just consume immediately after heating as we can’t guarantee the quality if you leave them lying around!) If you’re after a really foamy coffee we recommend making it at home using Barista Oat, which has been specifically designed to foam.

How much coffee is in the Latte and Mocha cans?

We standardised the coffee strength in each can to 1.30% Total Dissolved Solids. To achieve this dissolved coffee strength we use 60-70g of ground coffee beans per litre.