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Atta Girl



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Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s Atta Girl blend is their best selling coffee, a unique blend of single origins. Sound like an oxymoron? That’s because the folks at Lady Falcon take a unique approach to their blends, roasting them as single origins and then hand blending them to create unique, rounded coffees with a lot of depth.

  • Tasting notes: Cacao nib, donut, peach, honeysuckle
  • Origin: Blend of Ethiopia/Guatemala/Rwanda
  • Size: 10oz

Every coffee has a history

During the process of turning her passion for coffee roasting into a full-time career, Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s founder knew she wanted to pay homage to the history of her neighborhood. Ocean Beach, San Francisco, was home to many bohemians and eccentrics of the 1800s, who formed a makeshift neighborhood upon the as yet unpaved sand dunes. The Falcon Ladies Bicycling club was one of many bicycling clubs springing up in the US and Europe at the time that would later go on to inspire and contribute to much of the women’s suffrage movement. Lady Falcon Coffee Club takes its name from the rebellious, bohemian women who helped create the neighborhood.

This sense of paying homage to history seeps through everything the company does - this month’s Roaster Roster pick, Atta Girl, is named in honor of the grandmother of LFCC’s founder, who says “she used the phrase as a way to express love, praise, and a reminder to embrace life's opportunities.”