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Corporate Emissions

We’ve now gone completely carbon neutral, meaning we not only reduce our carbon emissions anywhere we can, we also ‘offset’ them. Think of it like we work out what debt we owe to the environment and we pay it back through investing in projects that absorb or reduce the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

Going carbon neutral early in our journey enables us to have an internal carbon tax which will increase as the company grows. The more we grow, the more our potential carbon output is. We want to get a jump start on both reducing our impact and measuring the financial impact of these reduction initiatives.

Throughout all the steps involved in producing Minor Figures products, CO2 is being emitted as a byproduct of burning fuel, using electricity, and the Minor Figures team coordinating all those efforts. Fortunately, Oat M*lk is more environmentally friendly to start with than dairy milk. By drinking Minor Figures over dairy, you’ve contributed to saving staggering amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, water from being wasted, and land from being used. 

1. Just by forgoing dairy, Minor Figures customers have saved 21,919 tons of CO2e from entering our atmosphere since July 2018. That’s like driving to Mars in a regular car. Or driving to the moon and back some 230 times.

2. When it comes to land use, since 2018, Minor Figures drinkers alone have made space for 6,765 acres of land. To compare that against dairy milk, if you drink one glass of dairy milk everyday for a year, you’ll have used the equivalent of two tennis courts worth of land (650 sqm or 7,000 sq ft). But if you opt for a glass of oat m*lk instead, you’ll use up about a tenth of that.

3. What about water use? The good news is that, compared with both dairy and other plant-based milk alternatives, oat m*lk isn’t all that thirsty. As a Minor Figures fan, you’ve helped save 5,601,412,028L of water from being wasted since 2018 alone - drinking an oat latte over a dairy latte saves enough water to run an entire bath.