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you better check yourself before you offset yourself can be Carbon Neutral too!

 We only have a certain amount of time to achieve the climate goals set by the Paris agreement before the damage we've made to our planet is irreversible (only 9 years and counting 🤯...).We could get depressed and give up, or we could all step up our game and do our bit 💪

Last year, Minor Figures went 100% carbon neutral (read about how we did that here) and we're on a journey to not just offset our impact but reduce our impact overall and share what we learn as widely as we can.

So we thought we’d tell you guys what we learned. There were a lot of calculations and spreadsheets when doing this process for a business. However we asked Thibault, our Sustainability Manager, how difficult it was to do personally? Spoiler Alert! It’s not.

We partnered with Climate Partner to help Minor Figures become Carbon Neutral and they have a number of tools which help you to calculate and offset yourself and your household. Once you find out how many tons of Carbon you put into the atmosphere per year. You can look into how you can reduce your carbon output. The most important thing to do is to reduce.... you can reduce the amount of flights you take or switch to a green energy supplier. And of course one epic and tasty way to make a huge difference is to make the switch from dairy to oat (we would say that though!). So you better check yourself before you offset yourself!

At the end the tool allows you to contribute to projects that reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. You can read more about the projects we support here. 

We're also looking for ways to improve and we love hearing from you! So please input any suggestions, love letters, questions for our Sustainability Manager, or anything you’d like to see from us in the suggestion box to the right!

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