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Help Us Choose How We Offset Our Carbon Emissions

 You may have seen that Minor Figures went 100% Carbon Neutral last year. This begins with reducing our carbon footprint where we can (think everything from better sourcing practises to new packaging formats) and goes right through to calculating the carbon we emit as a business and offsetting it. To do so we work with Climate Partner and TreeApp to invest in projects which have been certified to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. The projects also have a positive impact on the local biodiversity of the areas they are based in and the communities who care for the protected area.



We’ve measured our carbon footprint for the last financial year and we want you to help us decide which projects to invest in! Cast your vote above and scroll down to read more about each initiative.


A) Building sustainable livelihoods with coffee

Coffee farming is threatened by climate change, with rising temperatures expected to reduce the size (and output) of coffee farms by 50% in Latin America. Degraded land over periods of time have left farms more susceptible to pests and diseases, prolonged draughts, landslides caused by heavy rains, and a loss of natural pest control. But new forests create habitats for animal and plant species, and opportunities for local people. Shade grown coffee reduces erosion and landslides by improving the soil while often improving the quality of the beans.

Voting for this project will... provide coffee farmers with technical and financial support; they’ll invest in high value crops and get premium prices for their coffee. This project removes carbon by enabling farmers in Nicaragua to reforest their own land and restore the areas at higher elevations which are degraded by climate change by cultivating shade-grown coffee. To date, there are 445 farming families participating and together they have reforested 915 hectares of land.


B) Bamboo for deforestation-free products

Bamboo is one of the most efficient biological tools for fighting climate change because it grows so fast. Unfortunately, it’s often used in places where it’s not native and ends up causing disruption to local ecosystems. But not this time! because Bamboo is a native species to Eastern Nicaragua.

Voting for this project will... help plant 1 million native giant clumping bamboo trees; transforming a degraded landscape into a flourishing, biodiverse ecosystem. The bamboo trees are harvested for use in fibers and building materials to create livelihoods for vulnerable communities in a low-carbon economy. In contrast to cutting trees, harvesting giant clumping bamboo does not kill the plant, so they can have a lifetime of 80 years. So far, the project covers 2,361 hectares while protecting an additional 1,000 hectares of old forest as a conservation zone.


C) Climate-adapted agriculture project

High population in Western Kenya has resulted in the overuse and damage of land for food production, which has caused long-term damage and a loss of nutrients from the soil, affecting crop yields of small-scale farms. 

Voting for this project will…  support the training of local farmers to be able to use sustainable farming practices. This will not only create jobs but climate-resilient farms, which are able to feed 3,000 families. This project helps reverse the damage done to the land and fosters financial security in the communities by establishing village savings and loan associations.


Don't forget to vote for your top pick at the top of the page

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