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Thank You LA for Voating M*lk

In the ol’ Town Hall debate between Oat M*lk and Dairy, you know where we stand. We cast our vote to oats because they leave cows to do their thing, push far less carbon into the atmosphere, and pair damn well with coffee. Win win win.

That’s why a couple of weeks ago we hit up our friends at Full Service Coffee Co. in the heart of Los Angeles to give away free cases of Minor Figures Oat M*lk all weekend, hoping that it might help the fine denizens of California make an informed decision to switch to a plant-based life. It was also a pretty fun way of reminding everyone to register and vote – fingers crossed your vote is heard. 

Thanks to everyone that drove-thru Full Service and got a coffee and a case of Oat M*lk, it was a super busy weekend and we were particularly stoked to see such a diverse range of people turn up and chat to us about the benefits of a plant-based diet, the election and whatever else so enthusiastically. Right on. 

Check out some of the shots from the weekend below and stay tuned for more like this in the future. 





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