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Roaster Roster has hit the US

And we couldn’t be more excited! You’re probably wondering, “What is this Roaster Roster that you’re speaking of?” So let’s jump right into it.

As part of our Loyal to Local campaign, Minor Figures showcases limited runs of select guest coffees on our website. So, you can get amazing coffee from our favorite roasters delivered, while supporting independent businesses during this difficult period.  Our Roaster Roster has already supported over 20 unique roasters throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and now the United States. 

This month, we’re featuring ‘Ethiopia Chelelektu’ from Mad Lab Coffee. Mad Lab Coffee was started by Andrew Sinclair and his wife, Sarah, in 2015 in a basement in Downtown Los Angeles.  With a focus on quality, seasonal, and relational driven coffees, Mad Lab has become one of the most recognizable roasters in LA and the greater coffee community. All while, buying responsibly from our farmers so they can grow more amazing coffees at a livable price. 

Our special offer to you, if you purchase Mad Lab Coffee this month, you’ll get 30% off a case of Minor Figures Oat Milk


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