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International Coffee Week

October 1st marks International Coffee Day. A day to celebrate the hard work of everybody in the coffee industry, from farmers to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more. 

We all love coffee. We drink 3,000,000,000 cups every day and this number keeps rising. 

International Coffee Day


At Minor Figures we care for the coffee industry because we're a coffee company. We only use Specialty coffee to help build a fair, sustainable and nurturing industry for all. This means paying premium for quality coffee to encourage farmers and roasters to consider longer-term relationships based on continuous improvement, community support, sustainability, and ultimately – quality.

So for International Coffee Day we wanted to do something that helped the coffee industry beyond just raising awareness about its challenges.

We're making it the International Coffee Week and giving all the profits made online to Change Please, a charity dedicated to making every coffee cup count. 







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