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Email Recap: August 2020 Roaster Roster with KLLR

Sup y'all! This month was our first month in the US doing two roasters, KLLR Coffee and Red Bay Coffee, with two delicious coffees available on our website. In case you're not great at counting, that's four coffees that you all have to choose from. Honestly, I don't think I'd be able to pick just one.

We decided to catch up with these roasters via email over IGTV because we're all busy people living busy lives. In all seriousness, it just seemed more practical than doing two IGTVs. Currently posted is KLLR Coffee's responses and let me tell you, they completely smashed it out of the park.

MF: Tell us about the coffee scene where you’re based.

KLLR:  We're based in Oklahoma City, but I (Tim) am based in Dallas. I'll start with OKC: it's under appreciated and growing a lot. I've been impressed with the variety of representation there and the overall warmth of the market in OKC. It's a city and state that runs behind the trend curve of the national market pretty significantly, but I don't think that this is diminishing the value or quality of what it has to offer. Dallas has evolved so much from the time I started in the industry in 2010 until now. The roasters, the shops, the consumers - it's been so neat to see. DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) is an interesting major metro compared to other major US markets - in that (historically) not much happens around city center's very spread out. This has advantages and disadvantages. It gives character and nuance to the various pockets of shops you visit around the metro. Some disadvantages are it can maintain the presence of a "coffee culture" - like you have in more dense markets like Austin, and the coasts. I do love that across both OKC and DFW, you have a well representation of roasting styles, cafe presentations, service styles and cultures. If you cannot find a shop that resonates with your coffee spirit in these markets, you've not tried hard enough!

MF: Favorite way(s) to start your morning? (be as detailed as you’d like)

KLLR: I love this question because I'm a creature of habit. When I'm not traveling and actually at home, it happens like this... like clock-work: I drink a pint of water while hitting grind on 32g of coffee, dumping into my Bona Vita and hitting brew (already prepped from the night before). Letting our dog, Zubie, out and go for a 5-7 mile run. Come back to pour my coffee into my red cup (I have three of this specific cup), sit in my favorite chair and read/write for about 45 min. Then my kids get up and I do the first 30 minutes of breakfast with them before jumping into work. Rinse and repeat.

MF: You walk into a coffee shop, what’re you ordering?

KLLR: First shop of the day... I'm going drip coffee and shot of espresso. Afternoon visit, I'm going iced tea. If I am there for a meeting, I am rolling with a Cortado. If it's August and 107 degrees then I'm going cold brew. Truth be told, I love well done cold brew, BUT I love it too much that I have to consume it with accountability around to not let me hit up round two. 😎

MF: Do you have any coffee tattoos? If so, tell us about it/them and if not, would you ever get one?

KLLR: To my knowledge, no one at KLLR has a coffee tattoo. For me, I've already hit my old man curmudgeonly state and would tell you "tattoos are forever and they're already working on developing beanless I'll pass. However, I know enough about some folks on our team to feel confident saying that with the right single malt whiskey.... all bets are off!!"

MF: We have to ask, favorite coffee mug? (feel free to include a photo)

KLLR: This is easy - at home - the red Wilbur Curtis cup from not neutral. Perfect cup consuming ergonomics, and a great color to spot in a room full of chaos while chasing around little ones. Plus, it reminds me of some very valuable meetings had over coffee working for the Curtis family. To go - my friends at Form & Function Coffee in Boise, ID. I don't know that I've ever gotten more positive feedback on a mug. Shout out to MiiR for the great design. This one also gets extra bonus points because of the combination of service and coffee quality when I visited. It's a reminder that you don't have to be in a big city or metro to be knocking it out of the park with coffee.

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