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A Chai & Oat M*lk Cocktail Fiesta



Cheeky Chai Recipe


25ml Rum
25ml chai concentrate
15ml Galliano Liqueur
50ml Oat M*lk
Garnish with a star anise

First up, the Cheeky Chai which is a refreshing Chai Martini style drink. For you suave cheeky people. This is our shortest and most sophisticated drink, follow the recipe below!


Pour ingredients into an ice-filled shaker
Shake for 20 seconds
Strain into a martini glass.
Place a star anise onto the foam



Spiked Chai Recipe


475ml cider 
400ml Chai Concentrate
50ml fresh orange juice
50ml rum or brandy 25g sugar

Next up is our Spiked Chai, we make this every year and each year it is a hit. It’s a take on Mulled Cider. Designed to help you warm up when it’s cold, or poured over ice when it’s hot. Either way, it showcases the spices and aromatic depth of our chai and turns up the heat, whatever the weather.



Snowball Recipe

Ah the Snowball. A 70s winter staple, made with advocaat. Well now you too advocaan.


300ml Oat M*lk
50ml Brandy
20g Custard
35g Sugar
150ml Lemonade
1 Lime

We have toiled away to recreate this vintage classic. All you need is Oat M*lk, custard powder, brandy, sugar, lemonade and lime… and patience…. First, you essentially follow the recipe for custard… But wait there is a twist.


Add 280ml of Oat M*lk to a pan and turn up the heat. Meanwhile, add 20 g of custard powder (plant-based obv), 20ml of Oat M*lk and 35g of sugar to the jug and beat till smooth. As the Oat M*lk heats up, add 50ml of brandy (make sure you don’t boil as that leads to a non-alcoholic drink and where’s the fun in that?).

Pour the heated pan mixture into the jug. Stir continuously. Place the combined mixture back on the heat, and keep stirring till thick.

Allow your plantbased advocaat to cool. 4 hours later….

Pour 120ml of the mixture over ice, add a squeeze of lime and 50ml lemonade to the top. STIR. Then garnish how you please. Please tell us it was worth it…

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